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IT projects, Full advanced open source support, Network design, Development, Ready or custom solutions, Servers installation and support, Advanced open source OS, E-Commercer solutions, Online systems, Hosting, VPS and cloud solutions, Special appliances, Banking support (SAS, NCR Teradata, IBM, etc), Analitycs, Business Intelligence,... These are some specialized IT solutions we work on! Imagine what we can do for you.

Server configuration (let us install & configure your mid-size server, make it do what you need) | Appliances (with low cost versus commercial appliances, let us show how our appliances works clean four you, taste SurfServer, eMailPix, SecWebServer, etc.) | Great software (e-Commerce platforms, tailored and proven systems like dFAST(c)/ATLPix(c) works as expected, etc, we are beyond the computing code...we are at your business side to make IT works to solve problems. | We help you with specialized human resources (audits, accountants, system enginiering,etc). | Private or public enterprises...we are ready to deliver results.

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